L1pack: Routines for L1 estimation

L1pack provides routines to perform L1 estimation in linear regression models and multivariate random number generation for the Laplace distribution. A basic set of methods for printing the results is also available.

Providing Feedback

Please report any bugs/suggestions/improvements to Felipe Osorio, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. If you find these routines useful or not then please let me know. Also, acknowledgement of the use of the routines is appreciated.


Latest binaries and sources for L1pack are availables from CRAN package repository .

Source code is also available at GitHub:   github.com/faosorios/L1pack

Installation instructions

To install this package, start R and enter:


Alternatively, you can download the source as a tarball or as a zip file. Unpack the tarball or zipfile (thereby creating a directory named, L1pack) and install the package source by executing (at the console prompt)


Next, you can load the package by using the command: library(L1pack)

To cite the L1pack in publications use:

Osorio, F., and Wołodźko, T. (2023). Routines for L1 estimation. R package version 0.41-24. URL: http://l1pack.mat.utfsm.cl/

Some papers using L1pack:

About the Authors

Felipe Osorio is Assistant Professor at Department of Mathematics of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile.

Tymoteusz Wołodźko is Software Engineer and Machine Learning Engineer. Also is elected moderator for the CrossValidated.com

Felipe and Tymoteusz contribute as developers/maintainers of the following R packages: